May 12, 2015

How to resolve Outlook performance issues?

Enhance Outlook Performance
Embryonic trend of technology raises the need of safe n secure way of communication. Microsoft solves this entire problem by introducing Outlook as email client. Outlook enhanced features (password of PST file, social media, Add-In availability, exchange of images & many more.) attracts everybody and makes it every user's first choice. Apart from this it a well-known fact that every application has its own Pros & cons, and same is true for MS Outlook. Every outlook user has own views regarding Outlook. Using Outlook as email application generally user face common issues which are listed below: 

  • Delays in sending/receive email
  • Opening attachment becomes a trouble
  • Response of commands is too slow
  • Outlook data is not appearing on screen
  • Outlook emails suddenly got disappear
  • Problems in uploading and downloading of attachments
Above are the most common scenarios faced with MS Outlook. User can resolve these issues by their own by changing their few activates with MS Outlook. Follow few points and overcome MS Outlook performance.
Defensive Measures are following:-

MS Outlook PST file size matters – Outlook store user mailbox (emails, calendars, tasks, journals) all information in form of PST files. In our busy routine we usually forgot to maintain our Outlook mailbox. Constant receiving and sending of emails make Outlook mailbox overstuffed.  Outcome of this activity is slow performance of Outlook.

To manage Outlook mailbox user must eliminate all unwanted email from their mailbox and can use 2GB Truncation utility to manage Over-sized PST file. It’s a free crop tool provided by Microsoft to manage over-sized OST & PST file.

Alternate Option: For safe and secure data use professional PST splitter to trim down the size of PST file.

Compress your Outlook Data file: Most of Outlook users are not aware of fact that large sized PST file are more to corruption and their resultant is complete data loss which is very horrible. User can easily manage cases of minor corruption but what should a user will do in case of severely corrupt PST file. User can opt for free tool suggested by Microsoft i.e. “Mailbox Clean Up tool”. This tool will help user in compressing the Outlook PST file.

Trim down size of Outlook mailbox:  Outlook user receives and sends emails on daily basis. Along with the emails it is possible that attachments are also there. Most of Outlook users are unaware of fact that attachments also take space in Outlook PST and hence considered as a reason for Outlook performance.

To trim down Outlook mailbox size always keeps your attachments in different location.
Schedule your mail backup: - Backup plan always work when you have to face disaster. As I explained above PST file are crucial file of Outlook. It is always a good idea to take backup of outlook data files periodically. To take backup user can adopt inbuilt auto archive features in Outlook.


Choose Outlook Add-In's wisely:  No doubt installation of outlook add-in’s reduce the work load but sometime it also affects outlook performance Excess installation of Outlook add-in’s sometimes start displaying an error message “A Problem was detected with an add-in & it has been disabled” displayed in image below. 

Solution: User can get rid of this error by disabling the Add-In's & keep enjoying the fast performance of Outlook.

Remove Animations: Yes, it is very true Invention of new features make Outlook 2013 user interface more appealing. No, doubt these advance features provide Outlook a new look but also affects the performance of outlook. To keep your Outlook always in working mode it is advised to disable these animation features.

 Enable Microsoft windows Update: It’s always good practice to keep operating system as well as other software up to date. Be sure to configure all updated linked with office file so that your outlook working will be trouble free.

User can simply enhance Outlook working by Activating “Microsoft Windows Update”. Steps to activate

Start >All Programs > Windows Update > Check for updates

Be cautious while using antivirus software:  Virus is always a threat for user system as they enhance the chance of data corruption more. Theses virus are also considered as a factor for Outlook slow perform ace. There are chances that viruses corrupt or damaged the vital outlook data files as well as other important system files.
For safety n security of Outlook data file it is advised to perform a periodic Scan operation to enjoy uninterrupted Outlook performance.

The above mentioned tips are the easiest and simplest ways to speed up outlook performance. But sometime due to unusual user’s Outlook PST get affects. To manage Outlook it is best to opt for a professional Outlook manager. Stellar Outlook toolkit is a perfect tool to manage Outlook mailbox as it provides user multiple options (Repair, Split, compact, backup of emails, removing duplicate Outlook emails, recover lost or forgotten passwords) to manage their Outlook mailbox.