Sep 18, 2015

Resolve Outlook Express Error: Email Messages stuck in Outbox

Emails are the most convenient way of sharing information. I am using Outlook Express email client from a long time. From last 15 days, I am usually facing problem with my Outlook express while sending messages i.e. all my messages are stuck in Outbox and when I am trying to send them again & again, messages appears in my Outbox again.

After a long search, I found all this is happening due to my oversize inbox. Outlook Express was working very smoothly till its mailbox size was 2GB. After crossing the limit of 2 GB, it starts creating problem. In this post I am sharing steps to overcome the problem. Before proceeding to discussion let me discuss some more reason for this problem.

Why we face Outlook Express Error:
  1. Email messages are open in Outbox before sending.
  2. User forgot to make connection  and working in Offline mode 
  3. Changes in settings of email sending option.
  4. Folders (Messages folder) are damaged and user is not aware of it.

Above mentioned problems are few common issues that make your Outlook Express working inappropriate. Users can easily resolve this issue by doing modifications in their Outlook Express account.

Steps to troubleshoot Outlook Express Error when Message Opened in Outbox:

How Error Occurs: When user gives send command email to the respective concern firstly mail established a connection between email server and user Outlook Express account. When user sends email firstly it goes to mail server and creates a duplicate copy and sends that duplicate email in user’s Outbox.

What Outlook Express users do with the messages is they open the email present in Outbox. When user sees the title of email in Outbox it will no longer appears in bold section. Most importantly status of the message also has been changed. Main cause of this error is early opening of message that make it stuck in Outbox.

How to overcome the error:  

To overcome the error, user must open the message and after opening of message does click on Send button. By doing so user observes change in title i.e. bold black format in Outbox message view. 

After doing so make a connection with mail server and try to send the message. Messages will be delivered. To check results start Outlook Express again. 

Troubleshoot offline mode Issue:

•Point to File Menu select option “work offline” and switch to Tools option.
•Now move cursor to send/receive button and select the account name to send the email. 
•Now starting from Tools menu select ‘Option’. User will see a pop up will open that enable the check box entitles as: “Send messages immediately”. 
•Now save copy of sent messages in the 'Sent Items' folder and choose the “Connection” tab.
•Now do click on Change under Internet Connection Settings,   
NOTE: Before performing above steps make sure about correct dial-up or network settings.
•Now, click on ok twice and open the message in Outbox to send

Troubleshoot damaged emails or email messages folder Issue: Different ways to resolve the problem in two ways:

1.By maintaining Outbox folder
2.By creating all new folders 

Steps to Create New Outbox folder: 

•Exit the Outlook Express application and delete the file named as Outbox.dbx file from user’s hard drive.
•Restart Outlook Express email application to see the changes. 
•User will see a new Outbox folder is created.

I hope after performing above mentioned steps, user will easily resolve the Outbox problem. In case if still problem is existing then it is possible their Outlook Express file has been corrupt. I would suggest user to repair their corrupt Outlook Express file using a professional Outlook Express repair tool Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express repair tool. User can try software free demo version at:

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