Aug 30, 2016

Useful Tips to Avoid Errors or Damage in Outlook PST File

PST file very easily vulnerable so we need to protect it carefully. It is one of the biggest concerns of MS Outlook users. Therefore, Outlook users seldom search out for the effective ways to keep bad spots far away. Being a frequent user of MS Outlook, you should aware with all facet of MS Outlook i.e. harmful for the performance of your email application.

As per expert’s opinion, the top-most methods for preventing the corruption of Outlook PST files are given below:

1: Prevent PST File from growing
The usual reason responsible for corruption is large size of Outlook PST file. PST files are designed in a way that they can store a limited amount of data only. Crossing their predefined limit, they get corrupt and hence become completely inaccessible.

A symptom that clearly indicates bloating PST file is a slow performance of Outlook. Therefore, if Outlook is running slow, then check for the size of your PST file (which is 2GB for Outlook 2002 and early versions, and 20 GB for later versions). If your PST file is reaching this limit, then reduce its size by deleting all unnecessary items, compressing the PST file, and creating the archive file of less-used emails.

2: Avoid Operating Large Volume of Emails
MS Outlook stops as soon as you start operating on a large number of emails together. While trying to move, copy, select, or delete emails in a batch of 10,000 emails, reduce this batch to 1,000 emails and then perform the operation on multiple batches.

3: Never Keep Your PST on Network Drive or On Server
Outlook PST files are designed for being stored on your local computers. Therefore, saving these files on a network drive or server can corrupt them easily. This is because the network environment does not support extensive usage of PST files.

4: Avoid Abrupt Outlook Shutdown
Quitting Outlook improperly can also corrupt the PST file. Therefore, it is recommended to quit Outlook properly. Never exit Outlook when Outlook PST file is synchronizing with the server or some sending or receiving process is going on. However, there occurs a time when Outlook takes several minutes to shut down. If you are finding that your Outlook is taking endless time, then restarting Outlook can help you out to quit it. 

However, if you come across PST corruption even after following all these precautions, then the use of Outlook’s inbuilt ‘Scanpst.exe’ software can do the needful. This software scans the corrupt or damaged PST file completely and restores all its data. However, this tool fails when your PST file is severely corrupt. For such situations, use of professional Outlook PST repair software is recommended. One such recommended tool is Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair.

A reliable Outlook PST repair tool repairs corrupt or damaged PST file and restore all the data that has become inaccessible. The intuitive user interface of a Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair tool lets its users perform the recovery of their PST file without needing any help from an Outlook Expert.

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