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Mar 30, 2015

Enhance Microsoft Outlook Performance with Few Easy Steps

Outlook Performance
You may be working with Microsoft Outlook since long time. It is also possible that you may have good understanding on how to work with MS outlook. As you are working with MS outlook, it is quite possible that you may have experienced the problem when Outlook was slow and unstable. It may have created some stress to you and affected the work productivity.

Jan 27, 2015

Make Your Outlook Work Faster with Few Changes

Improvement is always required to make any application successful and user friendly. Today I am going to share a few imperative commands for MS outlook which user must know to increase productivity with Outlook.

1.Automatic spell-check: I have faced the problem of spell mistake in email messages very frequently. But now I am using automatically spell-check option before sending an e-mail to my clients and concern person.
In Microsoft Outlook 2010:  Go to File, Options, Mail, then tick the box marked Always check spelling before sending.
Automatic Spell Check

In Outlook 2007:  Go to Tools, Options, then the Spelling tab, and then that same box. When you're done, click OK. Now Outlook will automatically perform a spell-check on each outbound message.